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Kirkwood Wedding Trailer
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Dubai - NYE 2014 Short
South Africa 2013 Trailer
Barcelona 2013 Trailer
Eurotrip 2012 Trailer
A good friend of mine recently got married and they asked if I wouldn't mind shooting some video of the occasion. I stuffed my 7D in my carry-on luggage along with an LED light, and my Manfrotto Monopod in my checked luggage and headed up to Northern Michigan.

Beautiful and fun wedding with some good friends, I'm so happy for the couple.

Now, about a week later, while visiting my folks and sifting through the footage, I decided to go ahead a cut together a taste of what I was able to capture in the form of a trailer. I've never shot a wedding before, and I quickly realized that if I ever plan to again, I need better glass and a glidecam rig (or something similar) in my personal kit.